Martin's BBQ Joint

I've been wanting to eat at Martin's BBQ Joint since I saw Terry Bulger do a segment on it a year or so ago. Two things have kept me away, they're in Nolensville & they're closed on Sundays. The final straw was reading about them in the current Bon Appetit magazine. John typically works on Saturdays, but this Saturday he didn't, so we headed down to Nolensville.

IT WAS SO GOOD!!! I ordered the brisket tacos -amazing! John got the basic brisket plate, which everyone else in the restaurant also seemed to be eating. It's clearly the standard. Whatever, I'll never stray from those tacos. They were the best thing ever. There is also a Martin's BBQ Joint blog, which you know I love.

Obviously, I highly recommend Martin's BBQ Joint. It's not a bad drive from Nashville & you can do what we did & take the scenic route home. We made an afternoon of it.

More pics here.

Jab! Cross! Repeat!