Jab! Cross! Repeat!

I feel like I've gained 100 lbs in the past month. All of my clothes are tight, I'm in a constant state of hunger, & I'm too tired (read: lazy) to work out. Well, that all changed today. Today I dragged my old, tired, out of shape ass to the Downtown Y for kickboxing. Back when I was a mere girl of 28, I used to take kickboxing at the Green Hills Y at least once a week. I loved it. And I was good at it.

I had a bad food day yesterday -ate like a bear. So I woke up today determined to do better. Ate a healthy breakfast, got to work & looked to see what the class schedule was at the Y. Kickboxing at 12:15. Done!

1) I was the fattest & worst dressed in the class.
2) The class was 60 minutes, not 45 like I'm used to.
3) I've still got it.

Apparently kickboxing is like riding a bike; you never forget. Who knew? You know what else I learned today? I'm competitive as shit. I was in a class of girls in their twenties, wearing gym outfits, all under 150 lbs & I not only kept up with them, I was kicking higher & harder than all of them by the end of the class. That's right bitches, there's still muscle in these enormous thighs.

So anyway, I had a blast. Oh, and I knew the teacher. He used to teach Step & Sculpt at the Green Hills Y. MK, you know who I'm talking about. His boyfriend used to take the classes & stand right behind him. The teacher is tall & thin & the boyfriend was shorter & had a Hitler mustache. Anyway, he used to annoy me, but I really liked him today, probably because he kept telling me I was doing a good job (I lied at the beginning of class & said I was a beginner).

So I think I'm going to try & go every Wed. I'm excited. I'm so sick of the elliptical & the treadmill, I could die. I also want to start using my Wii Fit. I haven't used it since I set it up & it told me I was obese. I guess I need to get on it & figure out what all it does. I don't even know. I think I'm also going to buy the Active personal trainer game for it. I keep seeing ads for it & it looks interesting. Plus, it's only like $30. $30 for an at-home personal trainer? Yeah, I'm totally buying that.

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