Yard Work

John & I spent our 3-day weekend working in the yard. On Sat., my mom came up & helped me plant flowers in the front yard. I like the flowers we picked out. Now I just need them to grow & cover a little more territory.

Yesterday we went back to Lowe's to buy mulch for the flower bed. While there, we noticed some of their trees were 75% off. We weren't really in the market for any trees, but it seemed stupid to turn down $6 trees. So we bought six 7-gallon trees. This is the 3rd time we've gone crazy buying impromptu large things, forgetting that we drive a 4-door sedan. Somehow, John got all 6 trees & 3 bags of mulch into his Maxima. It was ridiculous. Every time John got a tree in his car, he'd shout, "One tree in the back of my car, ah ah ah!" in the Count voice. It was pretty funny. People were walking by looking at us & just shaking their heads.

The trees are called Emerald Green Arborvitaes. We put them in the back yard in an attempt to eventually block out the view of our neighbors' weird yard. Our neighbors grow some kind of vine on the fence that divides our yards. It's a major eyesore. We're hoping these trees will help block them out & give us a little privacy.

Apparently our front yard is the bird Baptist Hospital of the neighborhood. I found 3 nests this weekend. One in one of my new ferns on the front porch; one in the lilac bush in our front yard & one in the plastic bird nailed to the siding above our garage. I made John take the one in my fern out because I didn't want it to kill the fern, but I left the other two. I don't know what's going on with these birds. Guess our front yard is just mama bird friendly.

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