A Thursday Night Well Spent

I went to the Jen Lancaster book signing last night in Cool Springs. MK ended up not being able to go because of work stuff (stupid NES). I'm really glad I went. I got there at the same time as Jen, so I walked in right behind her. She was really nice & down-to-earth. She read a chapter out of her new book, Pretty in Plaid, which I can't wait to read. Then she did a little Q&A. I asked her how she went from blogger to writer & she gave me an honest answer, which I appreciated. She said she was scared to write query letters to send to publishers, etc., so she started putting her writing out there where she knew it would seen & she got lucky & someone found her. She said something weird, she said she put her writing on NY Craigslist because that's what all the publishers read. I have no idea if that's true. I didn't even know you could put writings on Craigslist. Anyway, she was great & she signed my very used copy of Bitter Is the New Black.

I got to Cool Springs a little early, so I headed over to the mall & hit up ForLove 21, my favorite accessories store. I somehow managed to spend $40 on $3 jewelry. Whatever, I needed new stuff for summer. Pics of purchases above.

I met MK at 6:00AM Sculpt today. Our regular teacher, Senorita Leotard, wasn't there. She got one of the Spinning instructors to sub for her. The sub was ridiculous. First of all, she started out the class by making us take off our socks & shoes & do a bunch of yoga poses. I like yoga, but I don't come to Sculpt to do downward-facing dog. Plus, feet are a sensitive issue for ladies. I don't like showing my feet unless they're freshly pumiced and/or pedicured, which they definitely were not today.

I digress. So after 10 minutes of downward-facing dog, she finally gets started. We get started in our routine & she says, "Does anyone know who this artist is?", referring to the music playing in the background. "India Arie", she says. A) Who gives a shit? B) India Arie? Seriously? Then she says some "lucky" gym goer will win a copy of her mix CD. Apparently she does this in her Spinning class & it's a big hit. I bet. So MK & I snicker to ourselves & keep going with the class. Randomly throughout the 60 minute class, she quizzes us on who the artist is for whatever song is playing. Not that you couldn't guess by the aforementioned India Arie, but she was playing horrible songs. It was like Lilith Fair goes to the gym. At the end of the class, the song, "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire came on. MK & I looked at each other, trying hard not to laugh, not because the song was funny, but because we were waiting on her to say, "Now which one of you knows what Oscar award-winning movie this song is from?" Unfortunately, she didn't ask. We were so let down, we left. Note to self: find out who she is & never take her Spinning class.

Weekend Wrap Up

They Stab, They Spear, They Scoop, They Schmear