Outsmarted By A Dog

That Linda, she's a smart one. We've had her for about 2 months now & we've "trained" her to sleep in her dog bed in the living room at night. I blogged about this earlier, but a few weeks ago she learned that coming upstairs in the middle of the night & waking me up results in petting. She's really into being petted. So she spent a few nights locked in the kitchen. Problem solved. She went back to sleeping in her dog bed downstairs. Or so I thought......

For about a week or so, I've been aware of hearing her moving around in the middle of the night, but haven't woken up fully to see where she was. I knew she was somewhere upstairs, but not beside the bed. I've also noticed that sometimes when John & I both the leave house, the bath mats upstairs mysteriously become askew.... I didn't put 2 & 2 together until yesterday when I woke up & found a big chunk of white fur on the bath mat. That bitch is sleeping in the bathroom! My hunch was further confirmed when John called me yesterday to tell me that when he woke up, he could hear her tail wagging & sure enough, she was in the bathroom laying on the mat. She was also in there when I woke up this morning. Whatever, as long as she's not waking me up anymore, I don't care where she sleeps.

She's doing this other weird thing where when you let her out, she runs straight up to the deck & stays there until you make her come in. It's very bizarre. I can't tell you how many times we've tried to get her to come up to the deck when we were sitting up there. Not interested. But now, we can't get her off. I don't know if she likes it because she can kind of see the road or if she's boycotting the yard until it stops raining & we can cut the grass. It is kind of a jungle out there right now.

Exhibit A

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