Hump Day

Today is my friend Natalie's birthday. Happy birthday, Natalie! To celebrate, we're going to see Camera Obscura @ Mercy Lounge tonight. Carolyn & Katie are going, too. Assuredly we will be consuming Mexican somewhere beforehand. I can't wait!

Last night I watched The Painted Veil on DVD. Someone told me to watch it, but now I can't remember who. Well, whoever you are, thanks! I thought it was a really good movie. It was a lot better than I thought it would be from the previews. I definitely recommend it.

I still have Everything Is Illuminated at home. I actually think it was Natalie who recommended this one. I tried to read the book back when it came out because it got so much hype, but I couldn't get through it. I've heard other people say the same thing. But apparently the movie is really good. I'll probably watch it this weekend.

I logged back on to My Daily Plate today to re-start tracking what I eat. It's like a free, online version of Weight Watchers. I started doing it about a month or so ago, but haven't been keeping up with it recently. I saw Katie over the weekend & she's been doing it since January & has lost 20 lbs!!! She looks amazing. She definitely inspired me to log on & get back on track. I need to install my Wii Fit & start using that, too. Here's to 33 being my skinny year!

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