Weekend Wrap-Up

Sat. my friend Jaime & her new baby, Evie, came over & met Linda, then we went down the street to Blue Coast Burrito & had lunch. It was interesting to see her with a baby. Jaime & I are the same age & lead fairly similar lives. I have zero interest in reproducing, but seeing & talking to her made me think I could do it, IF I ever wanted to.

Sat. afternoon John & I did a bunch of house & yard stuff. I have this small glass table & chairs that I spray painted pale pink back in my shabby chic phase & have not known what to do with them since we bought the house. I thought about putting them on Craigslist, but for whatever reason, on Sat., I decided to spray paint them black & put them on the front porch. They look really good! I took pictures, but I forgot to download them, so they'll be coming later.

We also have this big wooden mirror that used to be in John's apartment that we didn't know what to do with. Carolyn suggested we paint it white & hang it in the guest room. She was totally right! John got it painted, but we haven't hung it yet because we didn't buy enough hardware.

We also did some stuff in the yard. John cut the grass, planted our new rose bush & re-potted my house plants into their new Ikea pots. I love those pots. I wish I had bought more.

Sat. night Jon & Ali came over to meet Linda, then we had a late dinner at the West Side Las Maracas. We were all exhausted. After dinner, John & I went straight to bed.

Yesterday I had brunch with Natalie at Mitchell's Deli, then we stopped by the Walden Artisan Market to see Carolyn. I needed to study for my final, but I somehow managed to go all day without cracking a book. It was too pretty outside to study. Plus, I'm pretty sure I can fail the final & still pass the class...

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