This Week in TV & Music

I watched Southland today on TiVo. Did anyone else watch it? I really liked it. I love Benjamin McKenzie & I'm glad to see him in something sans The O.C. (RIP). Tiffany, if you're reading, I think you'd really like this show. Best part? They played "Fake Empire" by The National at the end of the show. Benjamin McKenzie & The National, what's not to love?

Speaking of TV, I also watched this week's episode of The Real Housewives of NYC today. God, I love that show. Jill is my favorite with Bethenny coming in at a close second. I hate the new one, Kelly & I'm really starting to hate Luann. Does anyone else think she's a lot worse this season than last? When she told that little girl who wants to be a model that she's got plenty of time to grow & lose weight?! Seriously. Who says that to children, fat or not? And what's with Kelly's shiny face? Kelly, it's called powder, look into it. Oh, and p.s. you're too old to wear dresses/skirts/shorts that short. I don't care how fit you are, cover it up. You've got young daughters for god's sake.

Last week on SNL, this band Phoenix played. I really liked them & thought they sounded familiar, but couldn't figure out where I had heard them. Today I got on iTunes & downloaded their new EP, Wolfgang Amadeus, plus a couple other songs.

Sidenote: the full album comes out in late May.

So driving around today, I set my iPod to Phoenix to listen to the songs I downloaded this morning. I already had 2 of the songs on my iPod, thus solving the mystery of why they sounded familiar. One song, "Too Young" is on the Lost in Translation soundtrack & another song "Everything is Everything" I had from some weird sample CD. So basically I paid to download 2 songs that I already had. Oh well. My favorite song off the new EP is "Lisztomania" followed by "1901". I'm also really into "Too Young", which is from an older album. If you haven't heard them, I highly recommend them.

Okay, I just did a Youtube search for "Lisztomania" & found this totally awesome video. Enjoy.

P. S. Delaney, how have I never noticed how much you look like Molly Ringwald?!

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