Weekend Plans

This weekend is the Walden Artisan Market in East Nashville. Carolyn will be there all weekend & will have all kinds of stuff you'll want to buy, i.e. furniture, tea towels, bell jars, notecards, etc. Jessica & Caryn will also be there, although I think Caryn is only there on Sunday. Anyway, you should definitely stop by. There will be deals to be had!

Tonight Mary Katherine is coming over to watch Twilight. We read the series together, but haven't seen the movie yet. In preparation, I bought red wine, made red velvet cupcakes & painted my nails red. Let the blood flow, I say!

John is in the studio all weekend with Aaron Robinson et al, so I've got the next 48 hours to myself. Tomorrow I'm going to do my paper for class & go to the Walden Artisan Market. I think I'm taking Linda to Smyrna on Sunday to meet the family.

Speaking of Linda, she's been on a hunger strike since Wed night, but apparently she's finally given in & eaten her dog food. She's been on medication since "the surgery" & Wed was the last day of her medicine, so it must have been some weird reaction to going off the meds. Last night her stomach was rumbling so loudly I could hear it over the TV. I felt so bad for her, but she refused to eat. This morning she was still anti-dog food, but she wolfed down 2 pieces of ham. At some point between when I left for work & when John woke up, she ate her dog food. Oh Linda, you diva.