Sunday Brownie Sunday

I've gotten into this bad (?) habit of making brownies on Sundays. Every Sunday I wake up with an insatiable need to bake. I'd like to tackle some of the cupcake ideas in last month's Martha Stewart Living, but alas, I'm lazy, so I keep making brownies. I don't think John minds. It does, however, explain how well my fat pants are starting to fit....

So yesterday was a dark day. I woke up early with plans to finish my mid-term & have the rest of my weekend to do whatever else I needed/wanted to do. Wrong! I either woke up retarded or my moon was in the house of crazy. Regardless, by 10am I was in the throws of a complete mental breakdown:

Why can't I understand this assignment?
Why does this teacher suck so much?
Why did she assign us a dissertation for a mid-term?
Why am I even in this stupid class?
Do I really need a Masters?
I'm not even learning anything.
I hate TSU.
Screw it; I'm dropping out.

I woke John up crying & rambling like a homeless woman off her meds. I needed out of the house. I needed caffeine. I needed to spend a lot of money on a lot of crap (read: Forever XXI). I called Carolyn. One iced coffee & two cardigans later I was feeling better. I came home & took a nap. I decided I was still too unstable to try & tackle my mid-term, so John took me to dinner & then we played the Wii. It was what I needed.

I woke up today feeling much better. I talked to my friend (& classmate) Jessica & figured out what I couldn't seem to wrap my mind around yesterday. I worked on my paper for a solid 4 hours this morning while John was asleep & got it pretty much knocked out. It's not due until midnight on Tues, so I can definitely finish it before then.

I'm not scheduled to graduate until Dec. 2010. If I make it until then without physically assaulting a professor, dropping out, or slitting my wrists, I'll be pretty happy. And I'll be worth a lot more money. Until then -brownies, lots of brownies.

Carnivores, Start Your Engines

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