John has gotten into this horrible habit of coming to bed at either 5 or 6am, which makes me insane because it's so close to when I normally wake-up, that I can't go back to sleep. So I was up at 5am today. I eventually dozed back off & got up around 7. I watched TV for awhile & decided to go work-out & then help Carolyn set up at the Walden Artisan Market. I get to the Y only to find out it's closed for the weekend, so I just head on over to East Nashville. I helped Carolyn set up, then I hung around for awhile. I actually stayed until noon because at noon Mas Tacos was coming & I was determined to eat some of those infamous tacos. They didn't disappoint. I got 1 veggie & 1 chicken. They were so good! That Theresa knows what she's doing. I'm a fan.

Post taco I head home to hang with Linda & make a shopping list, then I head to my new favorite place, Trader Joe's. Seriously, how did I live so long without this store? Headed back home from Green Hills I pass the infamous man who rides a Harley with his dog in the sidecar. Today he had not 1, but 3 dogs in the sidecar. All yellow labs, all wearing sunglasses & bandannas. It kind of made my day.

Knowing I had nothing to do tonight, I decided to take Linda to the studio to see John. This worked out perfectly because the storm of the season hit while I was there. If I had been at home when that mother hit, I would have freaked out. Luckily, in John's soundproof; concrete; fairly underground studio, I was none the wiser.

So now I'm at home, clearly bored & wondering if there's a limit to how much HGTV a person can watch in 1 day.....

Oh, and P.S. -- Twilight totally ruled. My teen vampires obsession, that has been lying dormant since Christmas, is back in full force. Viva la Edward!

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