Saturday Plans

I was really worried about Linda yesterday because she wasn't eating or going to the bathroom, so I called the vet & she said that's normal & that's she also probably in pain. She gave me some pain pills & said to feed her pumpkin pie filling to "loosen her up." It worked. She's not 100%, but you can tell she feels better. Bless her, she was just in pain.

Our friends Jessica & Brian stopped by last night to meet her. She did really well. She rolled right over & let them pet her belly. Clearly, she's a people person. She must get that from me. After showing Jessica this weird bump I found on her leg & confirming that it isn't a tic, we went to dinner at the Belle Meade Las Maracas. After dinner John & I came home & watched Milk. God, it was so good. Sean Penn totally earned that Oscar.

Today I'm going over to Carolyn's to help her get ready for the Walden Artisan Market next weekend. Later I'm going to Smyrna for Ladies Poker Night at Katie's. My sister is meeting me there. I'm pretty excited about this. I have no idea how to play poker, but my sister does, so I'm hoping she can help me out. If not, I'll just do what I always do at poker night, eat & gossip.

A Lot Can Change In A Year.....

Girl..... You'll be a woman soon.