Isaac Mizrahi

I don't know how many of you follow fashion or designers, but I do a little & I've always loved Isaac Mizrahi. I used to love that quirky talk show he had on Oxygen, as well as the more recent one on Style. I think he's hilarious. Anyway, I was perusing Decor8 today & saw a link to an interview with him on Media Bistro. I love what he says about "high-low" style.

Q: You were one of the first proponents of 'high-low' style. These days everyone is having to consider what that means. How do you think that phenomenon is going to affect the fashion industry long-term?

A: Even more than the economy, I think the Obama family is going to affect it. [Michelle Obama] is the perfect example of high-low because she values the J.Crew sweater as much as she does some ensemble by Isabel Toledo. I just think that speaks volumes about the direction everyone has been going in for a number of years.

The acceptance of design at different levels is remarkable now. To me, the greatest luxury is the right thought or the right idea. That could cost very little -- the right thinking at the right time. So more and more, as people get conscious of budget, I don't think 'fast fashion' will be as trendy. I think actual design will be valued.

For more Isaac, check out his personal video blog.

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