Carnivores, Start Your Engines

My friend Lauren is always telling me about good recipes she comes across. Lately a lot of them have been coming from the Williams-Sonoma Bride & Groom Cookbook, so I asked John to buy it for me for Valentine's Day. Last night he made one of the recipes: Grilled T-Bone with Garlic Butter. It seemed a little ambitious, but hey, if the man wants to cook, let him cook. He did it all. He even made the garlic butter, which looked quite tedious, let me tell you. I have no idea what kind of steak he ended up buying. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a t-bone, but whatever. It's not like I know the difference. Steak is steak. Anyway, it was sooooo good! And I loved the garlic butter. It was so good on the steak. He picked out another recipe that he wants to make later this week: Wok-Glazed Sea Scallops. We bought the scallops at Trader Joe's, so we're making it. Again, the recipe is pretty ambitious, but we got a wok as a wedding present & it's not going to use itself, so... I'll report back. Maybe I'll even take another picture.

So my friend Megan has been telling me about all these Wii games I need to get. Last week she told me about this one where you operate on people. It's called Trauma Center New Blood. I told John about it & awesome husband that he is, he found it at McKay's & bought it for me. I'm hooked. It's like a combination of General Hospital & ER. It's completely ridiculous, but it's also completely awesome. I was "in surgery" all night, removing tumors, making sutures, repairing compound bone fractures, etc.

I was surprisingly good at it. John was not. He let a GSW (gunshot wound) victim die on the operating table. I was upstairs & heard him laughing & he told me he killed someone & got fired. So far it's the only game I'm any good at it. Who knew all those weird medical mystery shows I watch would one day come in handy? Now if someone would just make a What Not To Wear game, I'd be set.

Help me, Martha. Help; help me, Martha.

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