Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
John's dad came into town & took us to dinner at Pei Wei. Watched TV for awhile, then went to bed. John Sr. was getting up early to continue on his journey to Yellowstone to "see the wolves."

John Sr. woke us up at 7am to go to Cracker Barrel. Actually he really woke us up at 4am when he decided he'd take a shower (the bathroom connects to our bedroom). Side note: there are a lot of cops who eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel at 7 in the morning.

I spent the rest of Saturday morning writing my weekly paper for class. I actually finished it kind of fast. John was at B.A.'s doing eBay stuff, so I decided I'd play the Wii we bought almost a month ago & I had yet to play. My Aunt Becky told me the boxing game is a good work-out, so I tried that. OMG, I'm like the Million Dollar Baby of Wii boxing. Seriously, I rule. I played nonstop for at least an hour. I got to "Pro Level." I was so proud of myself, until I took a shower & realized I couldn't lift my arms to wash my hair..... Side note: 2 days later & I still can't lift my arms.

Saturday Night:
Met Aaron & Ashley @ Sitar for dinner then went to Green Hills to see Slumdog Millionaire. Really good movie. Sadly, it's the only Oscar movie I've seen. I wanted to see them all, but it didn't happen. I definitely still want to see Milk & The Wrestler. At this point, I'll probably just wait until they come out on DVD though.

Lazy day. We ate lunch at the Belle Meade Las Maracas, then drove around & hit some local thrift stores. I found this cute, little glass chipmunk for Carolyn & a grey, wool London Fog short coat for myself. All of my winter coats are black. I realize grey isn't that big of a leap from black, but it's a start.

Sunday Night:
Made/ate chili, watched E's Red Carpet coverage, texted back & forth with MK at least 1,000 times, watched the Oscar's, cheered for Slumdog, more text messages, dozed off, woke up & watched the final awards & went to bed.

1, 2, 3, 4... Pressure!

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