Weekend Wrap-Up, Delayed Edition

For Valentine's Day we went to Delaney & Austin's for "Grubfest". Carolyn, David, Agnes & "Red Beard" were there, too. Delaney made the main course, chipotle shrimp tacos, and the rest of us brought the extras. Of course, master grazer that I am, I was full by the time the tacos were even ready, but I persevered. I ate 2 tacos & they were totally worth it. Delaney is hands-down the best cook I know. And that's not even the best part, Delaney made us all individual caramel cheesecakes. Austin is one lucky man.

Aside from stuffing our faces, we mostly stayed home & did house stuff. We painted the guest room last weekend. This weekend, I painted the furniture while John did the baseboards & framed out the window that was mysteriously sans frame. We've become quite the weekend warriors. I've got some pics up on Flickr, but not all of them yet. We haven't moved the furniture back in, but as soon as we do, I'll take the official "after" pics & post them.

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