Weekend Recap

Friday night I hit Green Hills Mall & Hill Center for awhile, then went home & ate dinner with John. I bought some of that mango salsa at Whole Foods & used it to make chicken quesadillas. They were pretty good.

I didn't do much on Saturday. I'm taking an online class this semester & have a weekly 3-5 page paper due every Tuesday. My past 2 Saturdays have been spent working on said paper. Oh, I also paid a visit to the Green Hills Y on Saturday. First time in awhile. I did 30 minutes on 1 of those weird glider machines (I have no idea what they're actually called) & then 30 minutes on the bike. I don't know what possessed me to work-out for 60 minutes, but my butt hurt from that stupid bike all weekend. Actually, it's still a little tender...

Saturday night we went to Las Maracas with our friends Aaron & Ashley, then went back home & watched SNL. What can I say, we live on the edge.

Sunday we did house stuff & I worked a little more on my paper. John got the mold off the wall in the guest room, so he spent all day yesterday spackling & sanding (of course) & then put a coat of KILZ primer on. I'm going to paint this weekend -hopefully walls & furniture, but we'll see. Definitely walls.

The SuperBowl..... we kind of watched it. I should preface this by saying that neither of us are sports fan. I half-ass watch it every year. I have no idea why. I know nothing about football, nor do I care to. But I did make brownies, which made the whole thing a lot more tolerable.

That's about it. Pretty uneventful weekend. I'll try to do something exciting tomorrow.

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