TGIF? Yeah, right.

Yesterday was another hell day at work. Friday is the one day a week I have to get caught up & to get ready for the week ahead. I can't do this when my boss comes in. This is my 3rd Session with him & yesterday was the 3rd year we've had the "You can't come in on Fridays" argument. This is probably a good time to mention that my intern this year is 48 years old. It freaked me out at first, but now I'm realizing the benefits of this -he's had a job before & knows how to do basic things that most interns don't. The downside? He & my boss have become BFFs. Yesterday they sat around & talked about dogs, fishing, etc. while I sat at my desk fuming & trying to work. On the plus side, no one took a shit in my office yesterday.

Quick side note: Aunt B's attack on Stacey Campfield is cracking me up! If you've got time, read her other posts. She's hilarious.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Jaime, who's pregnant & due in about a week. We went to the Belle Meade Las Maracas. She picked me up in her new car, a silver 2005 Volvo sedan. I had to explain the significance of a silver Volvo to her as she hasn't read Twilight. Man, it's a nice car. It really gave me car fever. My car is a good car, but it's a 2 door & I would really rather it be a 4 door. Oh well, one day......

So today is Valentine's Day. Such a ridiculous holiday, but I am excited about what we're doing tonight. Me, John, Carolyn & David are going to Delaney & Austin's for "Grubfest". Delaney is making shrimp tacos & Carolyn & I are bringing the extras. Margaritas will be made, tacos consumed, games played, & then maybe the 5 Spot. I'm excited!

Happy Valentine's Day.

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