My iPod is Trying to Kill Itself

My 4 year old iPod, aka The iPod Lestat, is trying to kill himself. He keeps trying to die, but alas, I can't afford a new one, so I keep bringing him back to life. Well, I don't bring him back to life, John does. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for my iPod, John can fix anything. John was building elaborate lego creations before he could walk & was fixing his parents' stereo by the age of 3. No piece of electronics in our house stands a chance against him.

So after the last resuscitation, all my settings got screwed up & my iPod has sounded like crap for about a month now. Last night I asked John to please make it sound good again. He takes my iPod, goes out to my car & doesn't come back. I watch a show on HGTV, realize how long he's been gone & go out to the garage to check on him. He's just sitting in my car listening to music. In his defense, it did sound really good in my car.

John is, by trade, a mastering engineer. I dare say, one of Nashville's best. His ability to hear is borderline supernatural, which comes in handy when you need your iPod to sound good both in your car & in the gym. Not so much when you're feeling gassy & let one slip thinking, "He's downstairs, he couldn't have heard that." Oh, he not only heard it, he can tell you what key it was in.

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