The Downtown Y

Dear Downtown Y,

Suck it.

The Blonde Mule

When I lived in NYC I belonged to Bally Total Fitness. It was like $70/month. So when I moved back to Nashville & joined the Downtown Y, I had no problem paying $5/month to park because their (at the time) $30 "young adult" monthly membership fee was so much lower than what I was used to. Things change. I quit working out downtown & starting going to the Green Hills Y, where you park for free.

Fast forward to now. I'm no longer a "young adult" so I pay somewhere around $60 a month. I neither live nor work near the Green Hills Y anymore, so I thought about trying the refurbished Downtown Y since it's blocks from my office. I call today to ask about parking. I'm assuming since they built that big, new parking garage the $5/month parking fee has gone away. Not only has it not gone away, it's now $8/month to park. That's in addition to the $60/month membership fee.

I'm all about paying for convenience, but not in this case. I refuse to give the Y an additional $8 a month just to freaking park at their facility. A facility, mind you, that I'm already paying to use. I don't get it.

So it looks like I'm going to have to either suck it up & sit through Green Hills traffic or get fat. Thanks for nothing, Downtown Y.

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