What Not To Say on What Not To Wear

I'm a big fan of What Not To Wear & an even bigger fan of Stacy & Clinton's. Last night they had this 23 year old girl from Philly on, Moriah (her spelling). Moriah was a hot mess. Early in the show, she told Stacy & Clinton that she just started her own business. This "business" is an adult trivia game with erotic questions. Stacy was actually speechless. She just stared at her until Clinton finally said something. It was hilarious.

So they get back to NYC & start going over 'the rules'. First of all, she had never heard of skinny jeans, which was unfortunate because she had the perfect body for them -tall & thin. Then they show her a cute dress with a ruffle detail & another outfit with a pencil skirt. She asks Stacy if the skirt is inside out. Stacy explains the concept of piping.

They set Moriah loose for her 1st solo shopping day. God bless her, she couldn't get any of the terms right. She kept referring to pencil skirts as A-line skirts, which was driving Stacy crazy. Then she picked up this cute ruched pencil skirt & referred to the ruching as "rufflage". It was so funny. She was trying so hard.

Side note: Moriah used the word "sexy" about 1,000,000 times. It was annoying at first, but got funnier as the show went on. Eventually everyone on the show was saying it as much as she was. It was like the What Not To Wear adjective of the day.

All of this being said, she looked amazing at the reveal. Stacy actually cried, which is rare. They turned little Moriah's life around. Hopefully all those new clothes can help her land a better gig than "adult erotic-themed trivia".

Godspeed, Moriah. Godspeed...

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