Weekend Warriors

This weekend John & I tackled 2 of the 3 upstairs bedrooms. Both bedrooms had 1 wall of wallpaper that needed to be stripped & both rooms needed to be painted -furniture included. We didn't finish it all, but we got a lot done. Saturday we rented a wallpaper stripping machine from Home Depot & got to work. I actually really enjoyed this part. After the week I had, it was very therapeutic to steam a portion of the wall & then rip off long strips of wallpaper. I pretty much did both walls in both rooms myself. The machine was my friend.

Let's take this room by room, shall we. In our room we discovered a window to nowhere that John had to spend a lot of time on. The window was apparently walled up when they added the garage. It just needed a lot of spackling & sanding & eventually some heavy duty joint tape. John wakes up every morning wondering what he can sand & spackle, so this was heaven for him. We pretty much spent all day Saturday working in our room.

Saturday was John's birthday, so we had to wrap up early to get ready for the festivities. We met a group @ Cinco for dinner then everyone relocated to our sawdust-covered house for an impromptu house party. I've been dying to have people over to our new house, but not necessarily the day we spent stripping wallpaper & sanding.... It ended up being fine. Luckily you couldn't really tell how dusty everything was at night. It was a good party. I definitely want to start having people over more often. Anyway.....

Sunday we wake up feeling like crap. We still had to strip the wallpaper in the guest room so we could get the machine back to Home Depot. So I get started in the guest room while John gets our room ready to be primed & painted. Once I get all the wallpaper down in the guest room, I quickly discover that a good 60% of the wall is covered in mold. Yeah, good times. We take the machine back to Home Depot, grab lunch & come back & start priming. We got the primer on & the 1st coat of paint, then broke for dinner. By the time we got back from dinner, I was exhausted, so John stayed up & finished painting & I went to bed. He finished it all. I woke up Monday morning & cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. It looks awesome. I love the color of our bedroom. Carolyn picked it out. She's pretty much picked out all of the colors in our house. She hasn't been wrong yet.

At some point in the immediate future, we'll deal with the guest room. We've been told all you have to do is treat the mold with 1 part Clorox/3 parts water, then you're good to go. We'll see... We also have to paint all of the furniture in the guest room, so that room is going to be another all-weekend project. After that, we're on to the kitchen. At the least, the kitchen needs to be painted. I'd also like to replace the floors & counter tops. Unless I win the Powerball, this probably won't happen anytime soon. Ahhh, one can dream....

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