Today in Pop Culture

Twilight Series
I finished Breaking Dawn over the weekend, the last book in the Twilight series. It was bittersweet. I'm sad that I'm leaving the Cullens behind, but glad to have my reading freedom back. Since I started the series, I've been 100% consumed with it. I even dreamed about them most nights, which I hear is actually quite common. So bizarre. I'm ready to finish the Harry Potter series now. I jumped right into book 5 the other night. I hear the 5th & 6th books are the best & have lots of conspiracy theories to delve into. I can't wait!

This American Life Television Season One
Okay, technically this isn't a movie, but I watched it on DVD, so whatever. The series runs on Showtime, which I don't have, so I Netflix-ed it. John & I have been watching it all week. It's amazing. Last night we watched an episode about a 14 year old boy who decided love, girls, sex, et. al. wasn't for him. He liked playing Dungeons & Dragons & video games & thought sex was "barbaric". It was hilarious. At the end they asked him to send a message to the 25 year old version of himself & he basically said at 25 he hopes to live in his own apartment, have lots of video games & to not have a girlfriend. Then he said that if the 25 year old version of himself does succumb to the lure of girls & sex, "to hell with you". I turned to John & made some remark about not getting it, to which he replied, "Kim, you could fill a library with what you don't know about 14 year old boys". So true, so true....

Of Montreal
John got me the new Of Montreal for Christmas, Skeletal Lamping. I love it! It always takes me a few listens to warm up to a new Of Montreal CD, but I inevitably come around. This one was no different. It sounded crazy the first couple of listens, then I started to really enjoy it. They crack me up. The lyrics on this new CD take ridiculous to a whole new level. I was listening to it while we painted our bedroom a few weeks ago & John mentioned how surprised he is that I like it as much as I do because the lyrics are so..... well, pornographic, honestly. It just makes me laugh. And dance. I love them. So far my favorite tracks are:

3. For Our Elegant Caste
6. Gallery Piece
8. St. Exquistie’s Confessions

The City
I'm obsessed with The City. It's a spinoff of The Hills, which I did not watch. The City comes on MTV on Monday nights & I freaking love it. I'm sure 90% of the attraction is due to the fact that it's shot on location in NYC & that it loosely ties in to fashion. All I know is, I can't get enough. And.... they just announced yesterday they're going to run a 2nd season. Yipee!

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