Weekend Wrap Up

Friday afternoon I left work a little early & did some more Christmas shopping. I went to Trader Joe's for the first time. Love it! Then we went to dinner @ Kien Giang with Delaney & Austin & their friends Anna & Brad.

Saturday I spent pretty much all day running around buying the last of my Christmas presents. I did eat at the new Blue Coast Burrito by my house for the first time. The food was really good, exactly like Baja Burrito, but the layout was kind of weird & there were 1,00,000 kids in there. Who knew burritos were such a hit with the under 10 crowd?

Saturday night we went to Carolyn & David's annual Christmas party in East Nashville. As usual, I ate way too much & stayed out way too late. But it was fun. Full photostream here:

Yesterday John did the last of his Christmas shopping & we did a lot of work on our house. John stayed downstairs organizing the "dude den", while I worked upstairs arranging all of my jewelry, re-arranging furniture & hanging some pictures. I'm really pleased with how the upstairs turned out. I'll try & upload pics this week.

Last night we went to Siam Cuisine with our friends Ben & Erika. The Wrench was working & he hooked Ben & I up with this combination of Kang Ped (Red Curry) & Panang Curry. It was so good! It's my new favorite thai dish. Thanks, Wrench!

Tiffany got into town late last night, technically early this morning. (Poor Tiff....) She's hanging out on the East side today while I'm at work. Tonight we're going to 8 off 8th @ Mercy Lounge, then to the infamous "dance party" @ The 5 Spot. Tomorrow she goes home to West Tennessee & John heads home to Maryland. I'm in town until Christmas Day, when I join John in Maryland. We'll be back in time for New Year's Eve.

Merry Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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