Super Fudge

Thank you for all the wallpaper advice. Luckily we discovered that only one wall in our bedroom is wallpapered, so it doesn't seem nearly as daunting of a task as it did initially. I think we're going to wait until after Christmas to deal with it. We also need to paint/stain our guest bedroom furniture, so I'd rather wait until I have the time to do it all. Two weeks before Christmas is not that time.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm doing my first major all-day Christmas shopping extravaganza tomorrow with MK. We're staying local: Green Hills Mall, Hill Center, etc. We're going to get started early, so I can get back home & over to the East Side for Delaney's house-warming party! Then tomorrow night, I'll be at Mercy Lounge for the How I Became the Bomb show. John is playing with them on some songs, so it'll be fun.

No real plans for Sunday. Might do some joint Christmas shopping with John. Might see a movie (really want to see Milk), might stay home & watch TiVo all day. Who knows.

Oh! I finished Twilight last night. I'm addicted. I'm going straight from work today to buy the sequel, New Moon. I really didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. I've always had a thing for the supernatural, especially vampires. I loved, loved, loved Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series. In fact, the official, registered name for my iPod is The iPod Lestat. I'm totally serious.

At times, I felt a little silly liking Twilight as much as I did, mainly because it's core demographic is 13 year old girls. Whatever. I loved it. And I'm totally reading the rest of the books in the series, which will round out my year of adolescent reading. Since this summer, I've read the first 4 books of the Harry Potter series & now Twilight. I wonder if 2009 will bring back Adventures in Babysitting or Judy Blume...... Are you there, God? It's me, the Blonde Mule, and I'm spending my 32nd year on this planet reading books for tweens. Help!

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