Gym Class Hero

I've decided my body just isn't cut out for exercise. Two years ago I had ballooned up to almost 200 lbs. Instead of curbing my eating & working out more, I decided to train for the Country Music Marathon. All of my friends that were runners ate whatever they wanted & stayed pretty slim. This was the plan for me. What I didn't know was that I was apparently born with the fragile hips of an 80 year old. I started "training" in November 2006. I was doing good. I got to where I could run for 90 minutes. My hips hurt, but no pain no gain, right? Plus, the weight was melting off. Well, by February 2007, I was in severe pain & could hardly walk. I begrudgingly went to the doctor & was diagnosed with bursitis. Thus ending my short running career.

I doubled in size virtually overnight. I couldn't work out at all. Plus, it was my first Session & I was stress eating like nobody's business. By my 30th birthday in May, I was back up around 200 lbs. Not how I wanted to ring in a new decade. After months in physical therapy, my hip finally healed enough to allow me to work out again. I spent all summer trying to lose weight, to no avail. The final straw was seeing pictures of myself in a bathing suit from a trip to Florida we took in August 2007. I joined Weight Watchers in September & lost 20 lbs. It felt great. I was back in clothes that I hadn't been able to wear for years.

Fast forward to December 2008. I've gained a little of the weight back, but not too much. It helps that I've been working out like a gladiator since July in preparation for the wedding. After the wedding, I had planned on taking a break from the gym. And I did. I didn't work at all for 2 weeks after the wedding. I've started back & it really does feel good to be working out again, although my body has clearly turned against me.

I take a "Body Sculpt" class at the Y 2 mornings a week. For awhile now, my left shoulder has been really bothering me. I've tried to take it easy on the shoulder exercises & use lighter weights. Well, apparently my shoulder has taken all it's going to take. I woke up this morning & couldn't move it at all. It was a blast trying to dry my hair & get dressed with a dead arm. I knew this was coming. I knew I'd just wake up 1 day & that would be it, no more shoulder work for me. Just like my hip. I assume I now have bursitis in my shoulder (because I apparently have the bones of the Crypt Keeper). Oh well, I was going to have to give up Sculpt once Session started anyway. I can still work out. And I can probably still do bicep & tricep work. I just need to chill the eff out on any kind of shoulder exercise. Ugh.....

Oh -and to add insult to injury, I sprained my left wrist in Sculpt yesterday. Apparently the left side of my body hates me. Good thing I'm right-handed. So our Wed AM teacher has been out for weeks (we assume, recovering from more plastic surgery) & we had a new sub teaching our class yesterday. She was awful. One word: grapevine. If I want to do the grapevine, I'll take an aerobics class, thank you. Anyway, Senorita Leotard had us doing all this shit on the stability ball, emphasis on "stability". Well, of course, because I suck at working out, I fell off the ball & all of my weight came crashing down on my left wrist, thus the sprain. Maybe I should just stick to yoga......

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