2008? Not so bad.

Ahh, the cliche end-of-the-year blog post. Here goes....


The Good
Started grad school
Lost 20 lbs
Visited Tiffany in NYC
Got engaged
Bought a house
Got married
Used passport for the 1st time
Obama victory
Worked out consecutively from July-Nov, including a 6-week bootcamp class
Realized we kind of have the best friends & family in the world

The Bad
John & I both lost a grandfather
4 week Statistics class
Tennessee politics

The Ugly
Gained back 10 of the 20 lbs
The current color of my bedroom

Plans for 2009:
Lose 50 lbs, obviously
Spend more time working on the house
Get a dog!!!
Work-out enough to stay healthy, not so much that I incur an injury...
Cook/bake more
Entertain in our new house!
Read something, ANYTHING, not written for tweens
Make a budget & stick to it
Travel! Hopefully see Tiff in NYC & Sally in Boston

Well, that's about it. I could probably think of more meaningful entries if I kept at it, but I've got to start getting ready for tonight. Speaking of... If any of you are looking for something to do tonight, How I Became the Bomb & The Privates are playing @ The Basement. Discounted cover charge for anyone dressed in formal attire. Happy New Year, everyone!

Peace out, 2008. 2009, here I come!

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