Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I have more Halloween decor than Christmas. I even have Halloween pajamas. I spend all year thinking of a costume, which usually doesn't come together until hours before whatever party I'm attending. Not this year. I put out all of my Halloween decor, but I just didn't have it in me to dress up this year. I didn't even watch any scary movies. I always watch, at the minimum, Halloween & The Shining. Not this year. I did go buy some candy yesterday in hopes of getting trick or treaters at the new house. No such luck. We had 2 trick or treaters all night. So now I have a house full of uneaten Halloween candy. Great.

On the upside, John made tacos & we watched a documentary on Waverly Hills Sanatorium, so at least we did something kind of Halloween-y. Today is going to be a busy day. We've got Jessica & Brian's wedding at 3:30. Prior to that, we've got to buy the alcohol for our wedding. I've also got to clean the house & try to get it ready for visitors because my bachelorette party is tonight & everyone is meeting here before we head out. I am really excited about my bachelorette party, although I am a little scared about what's been planned for me....

Allright, I've got to get back to cleaning (and eating Halloween candy). Check back in a day or so for bachelorette party pics. Happy November!

Bachelorette Party

Thursday Night