Weekend Recap

Friday night I went with A Side of Rice & her fiance, Brian, to the Features CD release show at Mercy Lounge. John was tied up until 10:00, so he met us at the show. It was a great show. There were so many people there. I didn't even see Panda Parables, who I'm sure was up front & I stayed closer to the back. I love the Features. Always have, always will.

On Saturday, I met my mom at Cool Springs to hit Sam's & Jo Ann's for more wedding stuff. Didn't get a whole lot done, but did score some super cute grey suede wedges at Marti & Liz.

Saturday night was John's bachelor party. Random highlights:
  • John drinking his Jack & Cokes out of the Big Texan boot/cup
  • All drinks laced with hot sauce
  • Cigarettes also laced with hot sauce
  • Ate pint of ice cream, assuredly laced with hot sauce
  • Unperturbed by efforts to throw his cello into the fire, he acquiesces & dips the tip in (permanent damage yet to be determined)
My mental image of him running around the fire pit shirtless with his bolo tie wrapped around his head apparently didn't come to fruition, but all in all, I think it's safe to say he had the time of his life. Gracias Senor Burr.

Meanwhile I was at Cinco with Ali & Sarah sharing a pitcher of margaritas & a big bowl of cheese dip.

On Sunday, after Cracker Barrel & a long nap, we went to Target & bought new, badly needed bedding for our bedroom. I've been looking for new bedding since we moved into the house in August. I've found stuff I liked, but nothing I REALLY wanted. Until yesterday. We were at Target & I decided to meander through their bedding department. Love, love, love the Dwell Studio stuff, but was ultimately won over by Thomas O'Brien. God bless that man. Pic of what we bought above.

Thursday Night

Bridezilla Strikes Again