Research Proposal

I have a research proposal due in class next Tuesday. I've had all semester to work on it. Have I started on it? No. When will I start on it? Probably Sunday night. Granted, a huge part of it is procrastination, but an even bigger part is not knowing where to start. My teacher hasn't exactly explained what she expects us to turn in. It's all very vague. I've talked to 2 people in my class & they have no idea what to do either, so at least it's not just me.

Thus far, TSU has been a horrible experience. I don't recommend it for anyone who doesn't have to go there. I'm only going because I had to go to a state school & I didn't want to drive to M'boro. Plus, my B.S. Degree is from MTSU & apparently you're not supposed to get your masters from the same school where you got your undergrad degree.... Whatever. TSU sucks.

This is my 4th class at TSU. I don't even know where to start with my list of complaints. My 1st class was a seminar class where the teacher just sat back & let the students run the class. It was a trainwreck. I learned absolutely nothing & left pissed off most nights. My 2nd class was Statistics. It was a horrible subject for me personally, but at least I learned something & had a teacher who knew how to teach. My 3rd class was irrelevant & totally outdated. It was also the 1st of 2 classes where I had a teacher who spoke English as a second language, which I have no problem with, aside from I can't understand them most of the time. This 3rd class was a complete waste of time. It was an IT class. All we talked about was appropriate use of work email. I'm totally serious. Complete. Waste. Of. Time.

Now I'm in my 4th class -Research Methods. Our teacher is new to TSU & this is her 1st class. She's Chinese. I can understand her maybe 70% of the time. I like her though. She seems really eager to teach & to help, but God bless her, she didn't know what she was getting herself into. A word about the students I've come to know & love at TSU -they suck. I honestly don't know why they're there, it's clearly not to learn or to act like working, functioning adults with any semblance of decorum. It bothers me that at the end of this, some of these people will have the same degree as me. It's actually a little frightening.

Not to say all TSU students are bad, clearly they are not, but man, some of the people in this class I'm in now are HORRIBLE. A guy I work with described it as when you were in 7th grade & you had a substitute teacher & one guy would act up, then everyone around him would also act up because they could get away with it. It's just like that. After every class, I just want to go up to our poor teacher & give her a hug.

Well, this has been another hour not spent working on my research proposal.....

It's official. Well, almost....