Bridezilla Strikes Again

Well, the good news is I'm apparently only lashing out at strangers, so everyone that knows me can breathe a sigh of relief. However, anyone working retail in the Green Hills area: you better watch your back.

Today's 1st attack:
Streets Salon called today to tell me that their makeup artist has decided to take Nov. 8th (my wedding day) off, but "don't worry, at least your hair is taken care of". Soooo not the right thing to say. I went from zero to rage in about 3 seconds. I don't remember everything I said but I do recall screaming, "Do you know how long I've been a client there? I made this appointment in MARCH & you're calling me 2 weeks out to tell me it's cancelled? Are you kidding me?" I think at that point I screamed something threatening & slammed the phone down.

In the process of trying to book another makeup appointment somewhere else, I realized I had no idea how long my hair would take, so I didn't know what time to make my new makeup appointment for. So I called Streets back. God bless her, the same girl answered. I could literally hear her gulp as I told her it was me again. She said she was just about to call me. The girl on the phone is also a makeup artist, but solely works freelance. Either out of kindness or out of fear for their lives, they decided to let her come in that day & do my makeup. I'm still furious that they cancelled my appointment, but at least it seems to be taken care of.

Attack # 2:
Went to Green Hills Mall today to buy some more AVEDA Shampure. The last time I bought my shampoo some stupid hippy working there gave me crap about not buying the bigger shampoo bottle & "helping the environment". Then after she rang me up, she said, "Well, can you at least put this in your purse & save a bag?" I just threw the shampoo in my purse & walked out. Later when I was telling Fatima about this, she agreed that it was inappropriate & we came up with all kinds of responses for future assaults. Well, today I got my chance.

I went in & grabbed my non-environmentally friendly 8 oz bottle of shampoo to be met once again with a condescending remark by some other hippy sales girl about how the bigger ($20 more) bottle is more cost effective & better for the environment. I said, "Yes, I know. Your dutiful employees never let me leave without making sure I know how stupid I am for not buying the larger bottle." No response. So she rings me up & says, "Would you like to save a bag today by putting your purchase in your purse?" This is where I lost it. I told them that if they were so concerned with "the environment" then they should quit making the 8 oz bottles & they should definitely quit mass producing printed AVEDA plastic bags.

I mean, come on! First of all, what kind of company chastises their customers for buying one of their products & then goes even further by harassing them into not taking one of their pre-printed bags. If you're so worried about the environment, switch to paper bags!

I made the girl put my $9 bottle of shampoo into a bag, swung it over my shoulder & said, "I will not be back" as I stomped out of the store like an angry 7 year old. I'm seriously thinking about writing a letter to their corporate headquarters. Stupid, AVEDA.

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