Weekend Plans

Last night we went to Las Maracas to celebrate Carolyn's 30th birthday. It was an interesting night. We all got accosted by a shirtless man on a cell phone walking into the restaurant, then this redneck couple in the booth behind us got in a fight & the man threw a bowl of salsa at her while yelling "I'm not listening to your shit tonight!". We finished off the night by making a mask out of a flour tortilla & annoying everyone around us by taking 1,000 photos. Enjoy:

Today Carolyn & I are going to M'boro for Ashley & Josh's baby shower. Then tonight I'm going to my friend Jessica's impromptu bachelorette party. John's dad is coming thru town tonight & staying with us. I don't think he's getting in until 2am, so I don't even know if I'll see him. Apparently he's just taking a nap at our house, then heading on home to Maryland. Tomorrow John & I have a lot of house stuff to do & I need to do some homework for my class on Tues night.

Happy Saturday!

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