Sayonara Bikini Boot Camp

This morning was my last Bikini Boot Camp class. It was kind of sad. I've gotten used to my weekly 6am torture sessions. Not to mention, I've become quite strong. I did a one-arm push-up last week. Granted, I could only do 2, but I did it. And I can hold both regular & side plank positions indefinitely. I couldn't even do plank when I first started. Oooh, maybe now my "plank elbows" will return to their nice, supple non-reptilian condition.

I didn't lose a lot of weight. I think I only lost about 4 lbs, but I can tell a difference in my body. I'm definitely smaller, just not necessarily lighter. It's so weird how that works. I might go back on Weight Watchers until the wedding & try to shed some more weight. I'd like to lose 10 more lbs. We'll see....

So on The Today Show this morning, they did a segment on men who cheat & how it might be because of their genes... They played "OPP" during the intro to the segment. I about choked on my breakfast. "OPP" on The Today Show? Seriously?

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