Painters, Start Your Engines!

Carolyn came over last night & helped me pick out paint colors for the house, well, most of it anyway. I'm really pleased with what we picked out. I can't wait to start painting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to start this weekend, but maybe. Carolyn also brought over the cutest little house-warming gift (see above). I can't wait to hang him. Thanks, C-Bass!

This morning I'm going to Smyrna to do wedding stuff. Me, my mom & our new wedding coordinator are meeting with the caterer to finalize the food for the reception. Then we're taking the wedding coordinator over to the Sam Davis Home to decide on how many tables/chairs we need & where to place them. TCB, bitches, TCB.

Tiffany called me from NYC yesterday to tell me she's coming into town today, so I'm excited to see her. Not sure what we'll do, but apparently Rob is in town too, so I'm sure we'll inevitably end up at the Riverside Country Club, aka Bret & Corey's. I'm going to try & take it easy tonight so I can be productive (and possibly paint) tomorrow, but we'll see....

No More Teachers, No More Books