You Are So Nashville If

My top ten, in no particular order:

1) Instead of coming out to your parents, you just move to East Nashville & assume they will figure it out. -George Oeser

2) You accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord & savior while watching a Carnival Kia commercial. -Jason & Heath Hinson

3) You complain about the dwindling amount of live music venues but can't wait for the new Urban Outfitters. -Andrew Cole

4) You think you're entitled to be on the guest list for every show in town. -Meghann Langford

5) You thought those Vanity Fair photos of Miley Cyrus were hot. -Jocelyn Phillips

6) You're not sure what Toby Keith's last name is. -Daniel Dunn

7) You've attended Steeplechase for the past 4 years & recently discovered it is a horse race. -Erin Burcham

8) You think Bart Durham is your congressman. -Asia Mathis

9) You see your local politicians on The Colbert Report more than you do on CNN or Fox News. -Stephanie Simmons

10) You spend $3 on a single cupcake while complaining about gas prices. -Wando Weaver

Day 5

My Mercedes Is Not For Sale