Moving On Up. To the West Side.

I forget how much is involved in moving. The apartment (garage) I'm in now, I've been in for 2 years & I don't pay any utilities. I just pay 1 big lump sum to my landlords every month & they take care of everything. Because of this, I had to really sit down & think about every service I'll need to call & have set up for the new house, i.e. electricity, water, cable, internet, phone, security.... What sucks is, because it's been so long since I've had utilities in my name, I can't get around the stupid deposits to all of these places. Oh well.

So we take possession of our new house on Friday, July 25th, a mere 2 weeks from this Friday. I can't believe we're moving in 2 weeks. It's so surreal. The weekend after we move in, John's dad is flying him to Maryland so they can load up a moving truck full of goodies to drive to our new house. So far we're getting a washer/dryer, dining room table & chairs, lawn mower & weed-eater. Not bad. Thanks to John's dad, the only big purchase we'll really need to make is a couch.

I can't wait to drive down to Ikea & buy stuff for an actual house, not a shitty Brooklyn apartment or an even shittier Nashville apartment/converted garage. Oh, and West Elm and Crate & Barrel. It's going to be a shopping extravaganza!

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