Thank God for Brian Eno

So things have gotten better since Monday. The house stuff is working itself out. The one issue we were most worried about is apparently not that big of a deal. We have roofers, plumbers & electricians coming this week to give us estimates & then we'll go from there. It definitely seems like buying this house is still a strong possibility. Much better outlook today.

I got my test back last night in class. I made a B, which is more than acceptable. I feel like I did well on this test because I got to take it home & spend Thurs night-Mon morning working on it, unlike my next test, which is a week from tomorrow & will not be take-home. I'm nervous about having to take the test in class because the extra time I had at home definitely helped. When I got stuck, I'd go do something else & come back to it later. Not going to be an option on this next test. Oh well, what can you do.

After class last night, I ran to Target & bought the new Coldplay CD. I've been a Coldplay fan since the beginning, but after their last album, I came to terms with the possibility that my love affair was coming to an end. This new CD has renewed my faith. I've only listened to it once, but it's light years better than their last horrible album. Thank god for Brian Eno.

I've been working my way through Season 3 of Weeds. I *heart* Mary-Louise Parker. The combination of that show & this horrible statistics class really makes me think about giving it all up & becoming a drug dealer. Just kidding! But seriously, I would kill to have MLP's body & wardrobe from the show. I love her.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: It's the New Black.

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