Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro

So everyone knows I did Weight Watchers. I joined last September & lost 20 lbs. I haven't lost any weight in quite awhile, but I haven't minded so much because I haven't gained any weight either. Until now. I've gained 4 lbs. I realize 4 lbs isn't a big deal, but I know myself & 4 lbs will turn into 10 lbs virtually overnight. I've hardly worked out since we started Session, but I was hoping to maintain my weight, work out when I can, & then hit the gym hard when Session ends.

Does everyone have a Monday vs. Friday weight or it just me? I typically ignore my Monday weight & only log my Thursday or Friday weight. Well, lately my Monday weight is the same every day of the week. Not good. I've gotten pretty bad about eating out, too. John & I eat out a lot & here lately I've gone back to eating whatever I want, not necessarily ordering the healthier options. And I'm not working out. At all. Bad combination clearly.

I worked out on Monday. I intended to go after work yesterday, but ended up working late & was too tired. Tonight I won't be able to work out because of another work thing. I can go tomorrow, but can't go on Friday because I'm getting my hair cut. This is how it goes. I know I could get up early & work out before work, and I've gone that route before, but I just don't feel like it right now. Ugh, maybe I will anyway. Maybe....

I want to lose these 4 lbs, plus an additional 10-20 lbs. That will get me back down to my fighting weight. Then I'll have to find something else to bitch about.....

Happy Hump Day.


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