Don't Throw It Away!

I've been in the process of going through my closets & getting rid of everything that doesn't fit or hasn't been worn in over a year. There was a lot. I took 2 huge bags of clothes to that place in Hillsboro Village (I can never remember what it's called) & made $40. Not bad. Everything else I took to Goodwill. You can't drop stuff off at Goodwill & not go in, so we went in & I found this hilarious book called Don't Throw It Away! & this cute vintage clutch. The book is ridiculous. There's a page on how to take an old military boot & make it into a lamp (see above).

So somehow over the past couple of weeks I've become addicted to VH1. It all started innocently enough one recent Saturday when I got sucked into a Rock of Love II marathon. RIP, Daisy. RIP... While watching said marathon, I saw an ad for this new show called Miss Rap Supreme. I totally set TiVO up to record it & now I'm hooked. I doubt anyone else in the world has seen this show, but I love it. If you've seen it, please let me know so I won't feel so stupid for watching it. THEN this weekend I saw an ad saying that they're going to start running Best Week Ever daily. It's called Best Day Ever. Soon my entire TiVo is going to be filled with nothing but bad reality TV on VH1 & re-runs of Murphy Brown & Night Court from Nick at Night....

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