The Colbert Report

Today The Colbert Report is coming TO MY OFFICE to interview my boss. They're interviewing him on a bill he passed earlier this year that will allow people with handgun carry permits to carry their guns into restaurants that serve alcohol.

It's a multi-location shoot, so it's going to take all day. Stephen Colbert isn't coming, apparently his producer does the interview then they edit Stephen in in post. Who knew? Regardless, it's really effing cool.

I feel like I'm Bff with both the producer & her assistant because I've talked to them so much in setting this up. I think I'm going to ask her if I can come take a tour of the studio when I'm up there in a few weeks.

In other news.... Christian won Project Runway -hooray! I made spaghetti last night & really carb-loaded it up , but I somehow managed to stay awake for the finale. I didn't like Jillian's final collection at all. I liked most of what she did on the show, especially the coats, but last night..... ehh, not so much. I loved Rami's collection, but I knew Christian would win. You can't get Posh's approval & not win.

In other TV news, Ghost Hunters came back on last night after a pretty long hiatus. I LOVE this show. And last night didn't disappoint. They investigated Fort Mifflin in Philly. It was scary as shit!

Allright, I've got to go so I can get Colbert ready.

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