I usually get sick ever year between Christmas & New Year's. I somehow managed not to get sick this Christmas, even after spending an entire day trapped on a plane in Denver. Well, my luck ran out. My boss decided it would be a good idea to come to work last week, even though he had been sick. I told him it would be a bad idea to risk getting me sick with Session starting on Monday. He told me he was on antibiotics & wasn't contagious..... I've been sick since Friday. I could kill him.

I just woke up & I think I feel better. My head hurts from sinus pressure, but my throat doesn't hurt anymore & my cough is getting better. I probably have a sinus infection. Great.

So I'm about to make a grocery list & go to Publix, since I haven't been grocery shopping in about 3 weeks now. May the force be with me.....

Dr. Mule?

Oh TiVo, You So Crazy!