Batshit Crazy Hygienist

Thursday was John's bday. His friend Jon took us to a Predators game, then we met up with some people @ Red Door East, where John proceeded to get pretty drunk. It was fun to watch. We had a really good time. Thanks to everyone who came.

So yesterday I had a dentist appt. There was a new hygienist who was batshit crazy. She talked my ear off throughout the entire cleaning. Afterwards, she was making small talk while we waited on the dentist to come in & she asked where I work. I told her & she said, "So who are you voting for?" (Inappropriate remark #1) I was trying to be polite, so I told her I haven't decided yet, but it will probably be either Barack or Hillary, to which she hastily replied, "Well, I'm a Republican & I vote for the most qualified candidate; I don't just vote down the party line." Fine, whatever lady. But oh no, she's not done. Then she starts telling me how disappointed she is in Fred Thompson & how she's joined the Ron Paul camp. Again, whatever. Then she asks me if I knew Ron Paul used to be an OB-Gyn in Texas...

Me: "no"
Crazy: "Well, he was on The View the other day talking about how he opposes 3rd trimester abortions & you know he was so convincing that he almost had all those liberal pro-choice women on The View over on the RIGHT SIDE"

Seriously, this was the exchange -verbatim. Right then as I was about to leap out of my chair & strangle her with my bib, Dr. Horne walked in. Lucky bitch. I meant to call when I got back to the office & complain, but I didn't have time. I'm calling Monday. That crazy bitch is going down. It was like having my teeth cleaned at the Rescue Mission.

Things like this happen to me all the time. I attract crazy.

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