Eff This!

Okay, I remembered today why I get all my Christmas shopping done early. My office closed at noon today, so I thought I'd do a little shopping with the Christmas bonus I got yesterday that's been burning a hole in my pocket. I went over to the new West Nashville shopping center because I needed to hit Target & wanted to check out Old Navy & DSW (I'm going thru a major shoe phase right now).

My 1st almost-fight was with this ridiculous woman in Old Navy who waited until getting up to 1 of the 2 cashiers working to ask for a size she needed, then proceeded to haggle over a stain on the shirt. 10 minutes later & 50% off the top, she changed her mind & had the cashier take the stained shirt off her check. I was glaring at her so hard I kept waiting on her to spontaneously combust. No such luck.

On to Target where I got a really cute New Years Eve dress that will go perfectly with my new patent leather yellow wedges from Urban. I digress. Now when you're in a line where there are 2 cashiers, it's known to anyone that's ever shopped before in their life, that the 1 line is for both cashiers. Douchebags: you are not allowed to cut thru the middle of the cashiers to get in line in front of everyone who's been waiting 10-15 minutes. 2 different men did this while I waited in line. If I had had any purchases heavier than a pair of opaque grey tights, I would have thrown it at them. Men who only shop once a year are not allowed to shop unattended. It's for their own safety.

Now I'm back home, simmering down. John's in ABQ so I made plans with a girlfriend to eat Chinese & see a movie. Hopefully I won't have to assault anyone in Pei Wei....


72oz Steak